Cleaner Ducts, Cleaner Air

To keep your air conditioning running at peak efficiency, it’s important to regularly inspect and clean your ducting. While this is true everywhere, it’s doubly important here in the Cayman. Our tropical climate creates the ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria, and left unchecked, your air conditioner could be circulating spores throughout your home. As well as reduced air quality, dirty ducts prevent efficient air flow, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home while adding unnecessary hours to your energy bill and potentially shortening the life of your cooling system.

Cleaning Duct Board

Here in the Cayman Islands, fiberglass duct board is commonly used for air conditioner ducting. If your home has duct board, we highly recommend that only a trained and certified professional be chosen to attempt cleaning this challenging material. Duct board has very specific cleaning requirements, and done incorrectly, you risk compromising your air quality as well as your cooling system. At EcoSmart Cooling, we recommend sheet metal ducting for all new and retrofit installations.

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